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About Us

SVIDS Multimedia Academy

At SVIDS, we teach more than just tools – we cultivate creativity and empower our students to stand out in the design world. Our hands-on approach and personalised instructions, ensure each graduate is uniquely equipped to succeed.

Game Character Designing

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Visual Effects

Core Multimedia Courses


Enter the world of visual effects. Master industry-standard software and techniques to create stunning digital effects.


Bring characters to life. Learn storytelling through movement, character design, rigging, and animation techniques.

UX/UI Design

Craft seamless digital experiences. Learn user-centric design principles, wireframing, prototyping, and more.

Graphic Design

Unleash your creativity. From typography to layout design, develop essential skills to captivate audiences.

Video Editing

Edit like a pro. Dive into editing software, cutting techniques, transitions, effects, and storytelling.

Gaming & Design

Create immersive worlds. Learn game design, development, storytelling, and interactive gameplay to bring your gaming visions to life.

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Regular Attendees

We're not solely focused on handing out certificates; our aim is to ensure that each student receives tailored attention and experiences genuine skill advancement in their respective curriculum.

SVIDS Multimedia Academy totally rocks compared to other places! The faculty are great, both skilled and friendly. They’re all about cheering you on to give it your best shot. Plus, when it comes to job help, they’ve got your back. Ready to dive into multimedia with some seriously cool training? SVIDS Multimedia Academy is where it’s at!

Arunsai Mondeddula

Arunsai Mondeddula

This Academy totally nails it when it comes to infrastructure and training. Seriously, they’ve got next-level facilities and training programs. Let’s just say they’re game-changers. If you’re all about boosting your personal skills and knowledge, this is the place to be. Trust me, you won’t regret checking it out!

Rithish Kumar

Rithish Kumar

This place sets you up for a killer future! Genuine work, awesome creative faculty, and a vibe where everyone fits right in. They’ve got everything from VFX to gaming to UI/UX, plus killer placement assistance. No brainer, join up for the best!

Shaik Khadar Basha

Shaik Khadar Basha

Absolutely stoked to be part of this academy! The vibe here is just electric, thanks to the super friendly faculty and the awesome atmosphere they’ve created. It’s like being part of a big, supportive family where everyone’s got your back. Couldn’t have asked for a better place to learn and grow!

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

This academy is legit, no doubt about it! They’ve got your back with 100% support to land placements. And let me tell you, the faculty? They’re the real MVPs – super supportive and seriously experienced. If you’re into Animation, VFX, Gaming, Graphic Design, or UI/UX, give SVIDS Multimedia Academy a look. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Dattadri Goud

What sets us apart ?

01. Full support for job placements.

Ensuring successful career transitions by providing personalized job placement assistance to every individual.

02. Both online and offline classes

Providing flexibility for students and for working professionals seeking to acquire new skills.

03. Weekend Classes for Professionals

Tailored to accommodate individuals who are currently employed and wish to pursue a new career path or develop additional skills.

Our Programs

100% Placement Support

Short Term

2-3 months
  • Dive into the world of multimedia with our Short-Term Program.
  • Designed for those seeking a quick but comprehensive introduction to their chosen field.
  • Choose from specialized courses lasting 2-3 months for a quick introduction to your chosen field.
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Long Term

6-12 Months
  • Ready to take your passion for multimedia to the next level?
  • With our Long-Term Program. Select your preferred course and embark on a transformative journey lasting 6-12 months.
  • Taught at industry standards with access to academy computers.
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1-2 Years
  • Elevate your multimedia career with our Diploma Program.
  • A comprehensive pathway to excellence in the industry.
  • Choose any two courses and dive deep into your interests over 1-2 years, preparing you for success in the industry.
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Meet Our Team

Experience Team Members

Meet our passionate instructors, fueling SVIDS student’s success with expertise!

Vamshi Gudikandula

Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Animator

Passionate about visual storytelling through design, video, and animation at SVIDS Multimedia Academy.

Abhishek Das

Senior UX/UI Faculty Member

Leading user-centric design strategies at SVIDS Multimedia Academy. Transforming ideas into intuitive interfaces.

Shalini D


Guiding students to academic and career success at SVIDS Multimedia Academy. Empowering through mentorship.

Adharsh Gundala

Senior VFX Faculty/Trainer

Bringing VFX expertise to SVIDS Multimedia Academy, dedicated to training the next generation.

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